made in california with the highest quality

natural and organic ingredients

sustainable packaging and ingredients for

positive environmental impact

Volcanics orders placed through have net zero shipping carbon emissions. We purchase carbon offsets for every order and the investment is used for reforestation and conservation efforts.

Environmental Stewardship

A minimum of 4% of Volcanics revenue is donated to environmental causes that invest in the protection and restoration of at-risk habitats around the world, in order help native plants and wildlife thrive.

All purchases are currently supporting the restoration of wetlands in the San Francisco Bay Area, which contain 90% of California's wetlands.

Wetlands are necessary habitats to filter pollutants from entering our oceans, act as carbon sinks and shelter more than 1/3 of the threatened and endangered species in the US. Without wetlands many species of mammals, songbirds and shellfish just wouldn't exist.

Concept creation

Volcanics started in 2018 out of our founder's kitchen as a natural and sustainable handmade men's personal care brand. The first product was our signature Clay Pomade.

market testing

Volcanics grew as an ecommerce brand as we collected customer feedback and tweaked the formula to perfect the Volcanics concept.

production expansion

Volcanics sourced a commercial manufacturer to scale our successful Clay Pomade product and meet growing customer demand.


Volcanics is relaunching the signature Clay Pomade January, 2021