Made in California with the highest quality natural and plant-based ingredients

Inspired by the majestic magnetism and natural splendor of the Pacific Coast, Volcanics prioritizes purifying botanicals that restore your body’s natural balance. By focusing on quality above all else, each signature formula helps you feel bright and invigorated, no matter where your latest adventure takes you. 

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Sustainable Packaging and Ingredients For A Planet-Positive Impact

We prioritize sustainability by maximizing the use of ingredients and packaging materials that are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and made from recycled post-consumer content. Beyond being 100% carbon neutral, we also donate 4% of every Volcanics purchase to help repair and revitalize the earth. Think: masterfully formulated products with guilt-free practices.

1 Tree planted with every order + 4% of revenue to wetland restoration in California + choose to donate $1 for a 2nd tree planted at checkout

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The kind elements that power our daily routines

Committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offsets for every order, and investing in reforestation and conservation efforts around the world, we’re doing our part for the planet, and then some. Starting today, you can do your part too, just by getting ready in the morning.

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Environmental Stewardship

At Volcanics, we care as much about bodies as we do about the environment. And because everything on earth is interconnected, we design planet-positive products through the lens of longevity and circularity, donating a minimum of 4% of our revenue to environmental causes that protect and restore at-risk habitats around the world.

We want the world to thrive and be explorable for the foreseeable future, which is why we actively expand the use of closed-loop materials whenever possible, seeking out only the most sustainable plants and ingredients that minimize land and water use while also maximizing carbon capture. By developing lifecycle solutions to have minimal impact on the environment, we’re helping our world find its path toward a more sustainable future.

For us, it starts with real, tangible progress and unwavering transparency. To that end, all purchases are currently supporting the restoration of wetlands in the San Francisco Bay Area, which contains 90% of California's wetlands. Vital habitats that filter pollutants from entering our oceans, wetlands also prop up life for countless species on earth.

It may be a work in progress, but for us, we believe the future is bright.

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We want to hear from you

If you have feedback on our products, recommendations on which products you would like us to bring to market, or ideas on how we can advance our sustainability mission, please reach out to us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Concept creation

Volcanics started in 2018 out of our founder's kitchen as a natural and sustainable handmade men's personal care brand. The first product was our signature Clay Pomade.

market testing

Volcanics grew as an ecommerce brand as we collected customer feedback and tweaked the formula to perfect the Volcanics concept.

production expansion

Volcanics sourced a commercial manufacturer to scale our successful Clay Pomade product and meet growing customer demand.


Volcanics relaunched our signature Clay Pomade 2021

Inspired by nature. Made for you.