Environmental Stewardship: 

A minimum of 4% of Volcanics revenue is donated to environmental causes that invest in the protection and restoration of at-risk habitats around the world, in order help native plants and wildlife thrive.

All purchases are currently supporting the restoration of wetlands in the San Francisco Bay Area, which contain 90% of California's wetlands.

Wetlands are necessary habitats to filter pollutants from entering our oceans, act as carbon sinks and shelter more than 1/3 of the threatened and endangered species in the US. Without wetlands many species of mammals, songbirds and shellfish just wouldn't exist.

Ingredient Sustainability: 

At Volcanics, we aim to formulate our products with the highest concentration of natural and plant-based ingredients as possible.

Packaging Sustainability: 

Our goal is to achieve 100% sustainable packaging. This means using post-consumer paper content for outer packaging and shipping materials, using recyclable glass jars and aluminum lids in place of plastic, and natural, plant-based inks for printing and design. Nearly 1/3 of solid waste is packaging materials and we're doing what we can to eliminate this issue, one product at a time. 

Vendor Sustainability:

When we source materials, we search for manufacturers who have sustainable practices for operations in place. This means choosing vendors that:

1) Invest in the conservation of energy by implementing energy efficient manufacturing practices, such as investing in green, solar-powered facilities

2) Prioritize the conservation of resources, such as eliminating disposable, single-use containers in the manufacturing process, reducing office waste, and maximizing the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials